About us

At the end of 2014, an ultras portal called Ultras Magazine was created, and by watching the world fan scene, I got to an area such as clothing and ultras fashion.

Often I ran to the company of my friend and asking him to make a t-shirt for my liking and then it all started. Friends on football or in pubs picked up, liked it, wanted it too. At that time, together with graphic designer, we were supplying free graphic designs to fans who asked for it on the Ultras Magazine site, it was posters, headlines, later designs for various products, and since those designs were (and still are) real art, those there were tens to hundreds interested in them.

At the end of 2016 fan from France, to whom we provided a proposal for T-shirts, he asked if we could make the t-shirts too. I thought why not, because my friend is done it for me, so we can do it for them too. We sent T-shirts, there were about 400 followers from France on the site in one day and a long message full of gratitude and praise for the great quality of the T-shirts.

After a few days, another order went to France and I admit that I felt terribly good when I saw on the Internet photos of fans in T-shirts, which I only held a few days back looking at them.

I knew at once that this was the feeling I wanted to experience all the time and I approached a friend for cooperation, he liked my idea, we bought some machines and project UM Wear was started.

Good experience with us spread through the world, while in the beginning we were mainly contacted by the French, after some time they were fans from Sweden, Portugal or even Colombia.

In this area we all started to learn from the first moment and today we can advise the customer not only with design, but also with the selection of a suitable model of t-shirts, jackets or other clothing, we regularly go to various workshops and try to always move up a level.

Club membership goes aside in this case and all that is important is customer satisfaction. This is just the point, and we are pleased when fans show us confidence and we can please them with a quality product.

A great advantage for our customers is also our cooperation with a graphic artist, who moves the world among fans and watching ultras trends gives the right “feeling” in design creation.

After gathering enough experience, we decided to revive the e-shop in 2020 and thus give fans in the world the best quality and best design t-shirts, sweatshirts and other products. The preparation lasted from autumn, so we believe we will not disappoint our supporters.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at info@umwear.com or one of our social networks.

On behalf of the UM team,