Company policy

We could call UM Wear such a partner project of the Ultras Magazine portal and therefore it can be expected that the products in our offer will be mostly with a fan theme. But that is not all, besides the graphic design of clothing and souvenirs, we also care about quality, because we believe that if you want to buy quality clothing, it may not cost tens or hundreds of euros immediately. It’s all about the approach and priorities that each reseller has to determine, one of our top priorities is “customer satisfaction”.

We want to offer to wide range of the population with nice and quality products at the best possible prices. This is a huge duty. All of us in the UM team are customer-oriented and in each of our activities the customer is always in the center of attention, so we work hard to deserve his trust. The organizational structure, working procedures and practical cooperation within the whole team are carried out so that they always aim to achieve this goal.

Members of UM
To achieve customer satisfaction, our members perform above average. We consider all our members to be personalities with unique abilities, whether it is a graphic designer who has an excellent command of graphics, a team of manufacturers who care about the quality that comes from their hands, quality controllers, or people in charge of communicating with customers. They are not only well-trained but also fully supported and this is reflected in the achievement of the set goals.

UM Wear seeks to purchase goods and services at the best possible prices, but of course cares about quality. We place particular emphasis on fair and partner behavior.

People in need
Although we are still a big unknown on the market and the profits are not overwhelming, we try to support the socially weaker families or people in need. In the same way, young fans with various diseases, which complicate or prevent them from enjoying sports activities, received less support from us, and in worse cases, health will not only allow them to simply follow their favorite sport.